Lugubrious Thursday



You can see how this camera kills red in these two shots. The top one is the red red sunrise, but you  can’t tell. The second one, look in the reflection in the window, see the red? The top photo should show that red.

I seem to be having keyboard problems. On this keyboard, it’s the space bar. You really gotta hit it good to make it work. At work yesterday, I noticed I was having problems with the caps key. Couldn’t make a capital letter until about the 3rd or 4th try.

Below are some ship pictures from a couple days ago. The top one is a cargo carrier, the bottom one is a British warship that was/is visiting.



It’s looking  like a rainy windy cold day today.

Happy Thursday!

5 thoughts on “Lugubrious Thursday

  1. I couldn’t tell you how many pics of gorgeous sunrises and sunsets I’ve deleted because they just didn’t do them halfway justice. And they say, pictures don’t lie. But, I did notice you were “wearing” a “rising sun” in the second pic.

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