Loss in the family

My Uncle Ben passed away yesterday afternoon. I felt really close to him. He’s been in my life my whole life. When I was 7 he cut off a pool cue so I could play pool. There’s distant relatives and theres close relatives. He was a close relative to me.
My Mom is putting my Dad in a home where they can take care of him. He has lost his memory and can’t walk. Hopefully if the they can stop the brain bleeding, he will get better. They can’t find the cause.
It has always made me uncomfortable to come across blog entries of th is type. I didn’t ever suppose I’d be posting one.

0 thoughts on “Loss in the family

  1. I never know what to say when I read a post like this, but then I doubt anyone can say anything to really make you feel better. But know that you and your family have my sympathies, and you’re in my thoughts. Take care.

  2. I am sorry about your Uncle and your Dad. I hope your Dad will recover. My Dad had Alzheimer’s Disease and it is a very sad disease. I will keep your Dad & Mom and you in my prayers.

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