Losing My Ability To Fly?

I am now sitting on a flight from Sakatoon, Canada to Ottawa. The plane is a Bombardier CRJ705. I am kinda going crazy. I’m not fat, but I can’t fit in my seat. My elbows stick out over the armrests. It is uncomfortable trying to keep them in and not encroach on my wifes space. Lucky there’s not a stranger sitting next to me, or if there was a fat person, I’d have to make a complaint to the flight crew. I notice more and more the increasingly confining space lately when I fly. Sometimes it is near claustrophobic. Extremely uncomfortable. I used to love to fly, I still think I do, but I’m noticing that when I get seated, it is not as exciting as it used to be. It is sometimes unpleasant, bordering on intolerable..

I think maybe from now on, I may need to fly first class.

One thought on “Losing My Ability To Fly?

  1. I understand completely. We used to have to fly for my hubby’s job. I accompanied him to ports to join ships throughout the world. The flights used to be fun and exciting. We had our favorite airlines and some we truly disliked, of course. Air France had the smallest seats back then and some came with very uncomfortable bars below them.

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