Looking like a good weekend

To me, this looks like a good weekend coming. I think the weather will improve and be sunny on a weekend after a rainy week. Usually it’s vice versa. I also notice that when I type, I don’t look at the keyboard anymore, and I seem to be typing faster. Not too fast, just fast for me. I remember I took a typing class in high school and I sucked at it, because you weren’t allowed to look at the keyboard. I noticed yesterday when I was typing that long joke. Which I only got one comment on. Thank you very much HAPPY DAYS! Anyway, the coffee is done, and I am ready to get ready for work today and then the weekend!!!!!

Here’s some pics from a lunchtime snorkel earlier this week.
There is a small fish in this picture, well camouflaged, about two inches long.
Identify the item in the picture below:

This is a broken buoy I found underwater. The heavy stuff is still there but the floaty stuff is gone, so it just sits upright on the bottom. It’s about 5 feet tall.

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  1. That wee little fish is a great at camouflage! I bet I couln't have found him, but his eye gave him away. And…the underwater boject is wither a rusted out can or a pipe! Hard to tell exactly how large it is, but at second glance, it must be larger than first thought. Perhaps it's an old Pirates looking glass! or an upside down somethingerother…it just dawned on me! You have an underwater camera!!! cool!!…I'm not doing much this weekend. Probably mow the back yard Sat. and might go see my mom on Sunday. She lives about 95 miles north of me. You have a great weekend!! …debbie

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