Look At Me! I’m A Giant!

Here’s a picture of me, standing outside a normal sized, two storey house.

Look how tall I am! I’m like 16 feet tall! I never mentioned in this blog that I was a giant before, who already had figured it out?

It’s totally cloudy this morning. It rained yesterday and last night, but not on my umbrella. I wouldn’t mind using it, but with my luck, my umbrella will never feel a drop of rain. But since I’m a giant, it’d probably only barely keep my head dry anyway, so oh well.

And today is FRIDAY! Payday was Wednesday, so today I will discreetly duck out for a while and go pay some bills. I’ll time it so that I get back just in time to go to lunch. I think I’ll go snorkeling at lunch, rain or shine. I didn’t go yesterday, because of the rain possibility. Ya hear that? Anybody from work reading this? I didn’t take a lunch hour yesterday, so I’m doubling it up today!

Oh I’m glad it’s Friday! Have a great weekend!

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