Long weekend

But I’m working anyway There is another station that needs help with their studio console. It has a broken connector and I am changing it for them. Well, I’m going to look at the job, it might take special tools, which I will obtain.
I realized last night that I left my wetsuit at the dive shop Wednesday or whenever it was I dived last. Hopefully it will be there. What is the past tense of DIVE? Is it DIVED or DOVE?
Monday is a holiday here. Last year it was Hero’s day. I think they changed the name to Seamans Day.
I stayed up kind of late last night. Woke up and was kinda snoozing with the radio on. Now the coffee pot just made “The Sound” which means the coffee is done, so
I’m outta here!
PS: I haven’t mentioned that I have a new underwater camera that I haven’t used yet. I said I was going to get it, but never said I got it. Hopefully I will post some pics this weekend, IF the dang wind dies down!

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