Let’s Cancel Today And Just Stay Home!

today-has-been-cancelledHere it is, a Tuesday. I’m not in the mood today.
Right now I’m sitting outside, watching the cats eat.
I’m ready to go drink some coffee. That is all.
Yesterday the chickens came home and wanted to go in their cage and be fed. It was the first time in a long time. They’re all big and grown up now and they don’t need me anymore. The day I came home and they were happy to see me and jumped up on my briefcase strapped to my shoulder was the pinnacle of my chicken fatherhood. I’m glad they’re healthy and happy and functioning in the chicken society.
Its all for today. I slept good, nice dreams, I don’t remember them but I remember they were nice.
I’m getting ready to head up for coffee.
Have a good day!!!!

7 thoughts on “Let’s Cancel Today And Just Stay Home!

  1. Would you believe I am sitting here drinking a very strong coffee!
    I am trying to stay awake so I can hand feed our poor little puppy. He has to be hand fed every 90 minutes!
    Hoping like hell he pulls through.

    And hoping like hell this disgusting coffee keeps me awake! How on earth do people drink this stuff every day???

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