Leonard Nimoy


I haven’t mentioned Leonard Nimoy’s death yet. I remember Star Trek as long as I can remember.
He was 83. My father died at 79.
I don’t think a person who dies at 83 died of smoking when they quit 30 years ago. I think it was just old age.

Live Long And Prosper Mr Spock.
Rest In Peace Mr Nimoy

3 thoughts on “Leonard Nimoy

  1. I quit smoking almost 40 years ago..you know what I found out? it doesn’t matter when you quit smoking or how long you have not smoked..it only matters how LONG you smoked and how much ..I smoked from the time I was 8-9 till I was 29-30..when I quit I was smoking 3-4 packs of non filtered camels…so now I have adult onset asthma from smoking and have all sorts of lung issues..from how long I smoked and how much…all of the issues I have now are from that..so I understand him dying from issues from his smoking.
    I loved Spock and loved Leonard..rip

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