Yesterday I didn’t do much. I went to the beach in the afternoon and went grocery shopping in the morning.
I woke up about 2:15 and couldn’t sleep, weird dreams I can’t remember-work related. I got up and went outside and looked at the stars. It’s not nearly as dark here as Costa Rica was. Too many street lights.
This morning I’m going diving.
But first I have to drink some coffee-Costa Rican Coffee!
I just got backfrom a long dog walk. We went way down to the end of the road, because I saw a new for sale sign pointing there. They bulldozed a whole bunch more land.
I slept real late. 8:15.

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  1. Isn’t Costa Rican Coffee supposed to be really strong? Or am I mixing my coffees and countries up? I have to say your pics on your vacation were the most beautiful ones yet. They looked like professional stock pictures. I want to visit Costa Rica!

  2. Starbucks Coffee uses Costa Rican coffee.My secret to photo taking is to take a lot of pictures. I took hundreds of hummingbird shots, and got exactly one good one.I’m not working today, I go back tomorrow, kicking and screaming.Partly, its good to be back, and partly, it’s not. Costa Rica was great.

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