Late Monday

Since I’m running late this fine Monday morning, I must apologize in advance for not posting my usual, mesmerizing, fascinating high-quality literary content and instead I’m just slappin’ a few pictures up. Cheap and tawdry, I know. Your impeccable tastes demand more, and for that, again, I apologize for the incomprehensible disappointment you must be feeling..

This baby curleytail was unafraid of me. He jumped on my arm a couple of times, and he was very close.

Curleytail close-up

Sunset from Boggy Sand Road

Last nights sunset zoom in

Have a great week, and I apologize again for my berevity!

4 thoughts on “Late Monday

    • He was a very cute little lizard. He was running around, jumping up on everything, eating ants. He was also constantly spiraling his tail, except when I took two videos, he sat perfectly still. That’s why I didn’t post them!

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