Last Day

This is the last day before the storm. I’m not sure I’ll be living in this apartment any more after today. I hope we keep the roof. I’m thinking not, because it almost came off in Ivan, and I’m sure our cheap-ass landlords didn’t get it fixed properly. But I hope I’m wrong.
I have a lot to do today around here, then to work.

0 thoughts on “Last Day

  1. Yikes, MarkD. I’ll be thinking about you. At least, you haven’t built your house yet, right?!I hope it’s not as bad as what they’re thinking. Let us know.

  2. It looks like the worst is past you now. I sure hope so. We are seeing a few phone pics of Grand Cayman. We are thinking of you all and hoping everything is ok. I just heard it’s a Cat 5 now headed for the Yucatan. Bless those people. It’s not going to be good there for sure. Please let us know how you are as soon as you can.

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