Last Day For Bananas

Yesterday I ate a half a dozen bananas, if I have half a dozen today, and he wife has just a couple, they’ll be gone. If we don’t, they’ll probably be overripe tomorrow.

All that’s left

My desire to eat bananas today is zero. Homegrown bananas are not a good source o food. There’s nothing for months then more than you can eat with danger of excessive waste. Eating bananas from a tree in your yard is something everyone should experience, as well as coconuts from a tree that you planted the seed for.

Last night, the wind blew our bedroom door closed. The only one not in the bedroom was Ashy Thee Cat. She was not happy about it. When I opened the bedroom door this morning, she had plenty to say, and I received quite the stern reprimand.

Yesterday, if you checked the Weatherbug link in my post, we had 70% chance of rain. It was sunny, except one passing shower, like one sweep of the garden hose. We’ll see what’s in store for today.

Havva Goodun!

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