Large Ship, or something

A few times, I’ve seen extremely large objects go past the Cayman Islands. The largest, being oil rigs. I was told they are assembled near Bonaire and then towed up to the Gulf of Mexico. Yesterdays wasn’t the biggest I’ve seen, but pretty big, and it didn’t look like an oil rig, and it was going the wrong direction, south, not north.

So I’m not sure what it was. There were three large “legs” sticking up from the top, in the pics, you can kinda only see two.

There’s a post with previous oil rig pics here, and there’s at least one more that I can’t find, that I’ll continue to look for.

I’m working on recovering data from an external hard drive that had my backups, the recovery program says it has 77 hours left in the scanning process! Dang! It’ll be going all weekend!

Have a great day!

8 thoughts on “Large Ship, or something

  1. I think it’s an oil rig too. 77 hours to go, my god that’s a long time, must be a big external drive. Did you delete something that wasn’t met to be deleted, I’ve done that but it only took a few hours. Good luck!

    • The drive somehow went to RAW formatting. It’s a 4 TB drive. Still over 60 hours, all weekend, and then watch, it won’t work!
      Other oil rigs have been bigger, like an entire city looking, but I can’t find my best shot.

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