Lame Scam Attempt

I have my old tablet advertised on the local sell-stuff website, I don’t really expect to sell it, because it’s a good tablet and I’m not giving it away.

So I was mildly surprised when I got a response last night.

Anyway I responded to his email, and he replied:

The numbers I’ve drawn on the picture are the order in which the emails went back and forth.

I was suspicious when he asked i my item is still “for sell” instead of “for sale”. Although I can’t type a single, solitary sentence without making a typo, I’ve noticed fakes also can’t spell and/or type.

But I replied, ready for the stomach-punch when he tried to negotiate the price.

But that never happened. He’s in the US, and is going to send me extra money to ship it.

If you’re in the US, buddy, why don’t you go down to the corner and buy a new one? Notice at the top of the original Ecay message, “DON’T SHIP ITEMS”.

I didn’t hear back after my “nope” response. I coulda played him on for longer, but nobody got time for that!

Although that Nigerian Prince that has me for as his long lost, sole surviving relative still hasn’t been able to give away all that cash!

Have a great day!

LATER: I just received this email… Ya think?

5 thoughts on “Lame Scam Attempt

  1. It’s sad times when we have to watch out for so many scams Mark, why don’t people just get an honest job! Wouldn’t think a person could find it hard to give away money

  2. Spelling gives away the spammer in most cases. They do fool some people and that’s sad but then again everyone should beware of these type of emails when selling something.

  3. I get scam emails all day long! I get packages ‘about to be delivered’, millions left to me by some poor lonely old spinster, I’ve won cars/phones/computers and so on… EVERY SINGLE DAY! I immediately delete all emails from unknowns. Sadly, some people believe that crap and respond, then get ripped off.

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