Killer Kats

Last week I posted about Lee thee Cat bringing home a cute giant rat.
Well, since then almost every day we have been finding dead animals around the house.
Yesterday, hints of dead smell was wafting around the house. I checked the yard, and found a dead rat. (Maybe I should say mouse this time) . So I shovelled it into the woods.  Still, we could smell the smell. Checked the yard again. Found a dead bird in the advanced stages of decay, flies and maggots. Shovelled it into the woods.
I couldn’t smell anything dead any more but The Wife said she still could. I couldn’t find any more dead things in the yard.
Soooo this morning the dawgs were taking me for our walk and there was a mouse head on the front porch. Just the head.
What the heck is going on? Suddenly we live in the killing zone. Aren’t we feeding the cats enough? They get fed twice a day, and they quit eating before their food is gone (except for our three little piggies, also mentioned eariler) .
I don’t really want to start a daily dead animal removal ritual. What’s a poor boy like me to do?

The weekend was good, but too short. We saw the movie “The Campaign”, which was good.
And that’s about it. Have Ye a good week!

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