June 13th 1991

The day I last saw my my younger brother Bruce
alive was June 13th 1991, when he came and visited me in Virginia.
He stayed with me at my apartment. We went to Virginia Beach & had hamburgers on the boardwalk the day he went back home to Bridgeport, Connecticut. He and his girlfriend, Karen, were murdered approximately June 30th 1991, in Tucson, Arizona.

0 thoughts on “June 13th 1991

  1. Well, it’s part of who you are. My cousin’s father-in-law was murdered fifteen years ago, right at Christmastime, in his own home. The family has moved on but that fact will always be there.

  2. I think I would walk around with a whole lot of anger about that. I’m pretty harmless, but don’t hurt my family or loved ones. I’ll slit someones throat and not think twice about it.Did I scare anyone with that?

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