Jetpack Disabled

You can now comment on my blog. The problem was Jetpack, a plugin that interfaces between and In other words, several things in my wordpress app don’t work because Jetpack is disabled. For example, I cannot appprove or disapprove comments from the app, I have to go to my sites dashboard on the web. I’m not sure if I can post this post using the app, if not, it’s cut and paste! I just found out images won’t upload…

Jetpack was working fine, then it just quit. I didn’t do anything… 

I can’t post this on the WordPress App, the app is telling me that I don’t have permssion…

I’ll probably fool around with Jetpack and see if I can get it working, But I’m not going to hurry any.

This has been a good, productive week at work. I expected a really tough week, every day, and every day turned out better than expected. But it ain’t over yet!

And here’s a random picture.

Me and my friend, Arliegh, we happened to be wearing our matching outfits!

IT’S FRIDAY! Have a great weekend!

6 thoughts on “Jetpack Disabled

  1. What a bugger that by disabling Jetpack you have lost so much! Sometimes auto updates really muck things up! At least your readers can comment again. You guys sure look tanned! I’m going to get a tan this summer… I’m determined. I used to go mega dark like you too… let’s see what this summer brings. *smiles*

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