Ivan without the “V”

Hurricane Ivan was really hard on the Cayman Islands, Hurricane Ian was extremely hard on Florida. Tropical Depression 9 was supposed to be named Hermione, but a storm formed suddenly off of Africa that stole that name. So we got Ian. Almost Ivan, but without the V.

i feel for you, Florida People. Take action, don’t wait for the government. A hurricane never really ends, the effects just fade and fade and fade. There is no “it’s over” line. Do the best you can with what you have.

I wish you well.

i have jury duty today, and I’m already on a jury. My service ends Oct 4th. Hope the case is over by then.

Happy Friday! Have a good weekend!

One thought on “Ivan without the “V”

  1. Horrible thing hurricanes!.. So massive and equally as devastating as tornados really in truth.
    You’re right that the results are felt for a really long time, I too feel real bad for anyone in the path of either and when it wipes out so much and so many, it’s definitely the worst nature can throw at us!
    At least there are super-accurate prediction capabilities for hurricanes, and honestly great advances in percent of probability for tornados in an area nowadays.
    Maybe in the future every structure will have a little button to push and the buildings will go underground until storms pass… then push the button again and return to surface. LOL
    First though we need to make fresh water out of sea water, and harness lightning for power grid usage, and stop fighting each other, and etc etc etc…

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