Itza Nuther Mundee

Ohhh boyohboy oh boy.

Way too short weekend. Saturday I mowed the yard. Sunday, I almost went diving, but my dive computer battery was dead, so I went and got a new one. And missed the dive.

I watched my American Football Team win, and read my book, and I can’t remember too much else. So I say we need another weekend day, just to make up for the shortness of this weekend.

Weird weather, in the midsts of a good weather patch, I went fo my run this morning, to find the roads wet and the puddles full. The sky was still clear, as if saying “I didn’t do it! I have no idea where all that water came from.”

I’m just rambling. I’d much rather be reading your posts than trying to write my own.

Oh, and Daylight Savings Time ended, although I didn’t hear anything about it beforehand. I could tell by the BBC programming this morning.

Have a great week!

One thought on “Itza Nuther Mundee

  1. We are finally having good weather!! The windows are open, air conditioning is off and a visit from the in-laws over the weekend is over!!! Heaven reigns at my house! 🙂

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