It’s another Monday. This weekend, Friday, I bought a new toaster, Saturday, mowed the lawn, and sprayed kill-all vegetation killer, Sunday, cleaned out my side of the closet and discovered pants and shirts I forgot I had or don’t remember ever seeing before. I’d like to get rid of about half my clothes.

Below, is a spiders web on the gate to our driveway, I was getting home on my bicycle last Thursday and my headlamp just happened to see this web. It is quite cool, I think.

Friday, when I was buying the toaster, I saw a huge fan. It was six feet tall. I wanted it but didn’t buy it. I asked a lady walking by to take my picture with the fan.This is what I look like at work,but I’m not usually so color-coordinated.

There was a big sale at the hardware store, and it was a madhouse.

Last night I went to a Rosh Hashana dinner. It was quite nice. Happy New Year! The year is 5780. It’s the ’80’s again! What a great decade that was!

Have a good week and wonderful decade!

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