It Don’t Make No  Sense 

I come home from work and eat dinner, then I am really tired. But I don’t go to bed, I stay up til I’m not tired anymore, then I go to bed and can’t sleep. Then, finally when I’m sleeping really good, the alarm goes  off and I have to wake up. What would happen if we  went to sleep when we were  tired and got up when we woke up?

I got a new bluetooth keyboard. it’s better  than the on-screen keyboard, but compared to the old keyboard, I really have to whack the keys to type, and I get a lot of double letters. But it has some better qualities too, like button layout .  

My C25K this morning was: Run one mile (10 minutes), walk 3 minutes,  Run one mile (10 minutes).Week 6 day 2, I think.

Supposed to be rainy this morning, and sunny in the afternoon. Yesterday I went to the beach or lunch but forgot my towel. It  justt  rained really hard for 60 seconds annnd stopped

Have a great day!

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