Island Punch

It’s Sunday morning, got my coffeee and I feel like posting. I don’t have anything to post about, but I feel like posting.

I was on Facebook, looking at my USS Somers group, (my old Navy ship). There’s a guy who kept journal who’s posting journal pages as images. I wish I had kept a journal when I was in the Navy. And before. It would be like a pre-internet start to this blog.

On Friday, fellow blogger Mike, over at Billions of Versions of Normal, made a comment with the words “island punch line”. That, this morning, in addition to providing inspiration for a post title, reminded me of the old Hawaiian Punch commercials from when I was a kid.

How come they don’t advertise anymore? That was a great commercial. Simple. Makes you think of the product. Sticks in the mind. I guess it’s too violent for kids today, they’d be walking around, punching each other.

Of course, the worlds best advertising HAS to be the Frito Bandito

I guess in this politically correct world today, someone MIGHT be offended, so a commercial like this wouldn’t be acceptable

Someones always going to be offended. It offends me that the world is so sensitive about offending people these days.

This morning, the wife’s arranged for us to go to this beach dog training thing, then we’re headed to East End. I’m going to suggest delaying the doggie training till next weekend. I’ve decided that I can summarize Lenny (the new pup) in one sentence. He trusts other dogs, but does not trust people. He’s a millenial dawg, offended.

Time for cuppa coffee number two! Have a great day!

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