Internet Junkie


Woke up this morning and the internet was down, island wide.
Dang, there ain’t much to do in the morning with my coffee and no internet. Then the wife got up and we played with the dawgs and things weren’t so bad.
Then the internet came back up.
I was doing an “Internet Junkie” image search for a picture to post with this post, and found a blog about someone who went a week without using the internet. It’s a really good read. Read it HERE. That’s where I stole the image, BTW.


2 thoughts on “Internet Junkie

  1. My computer was in the shop for awhile, at least a week maybe two or three. I never realized how dependent I had become on it. I didn't even own a phone book anymore! And checking my balance on my bank account – gee whiz. It was tough. But being without it on vacation, that I do love.

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