Intermittent Internet AGAIN!

Always just in time for a weekend, the internet troubles begin. Our ISP, candywhacky, (They keep changing their name. C&W, Lime, Flow, different names, same crappy service). Whatever they call themselves, they say they have a policy of looking into problems within four working hours, which is what they tell you to get you off the phone, when you’re angry and frustrated and you realize they aren’t going to provide the service you pay them for. Of course, they never respond in 4 hours. Weekends aren’t “working hours” so when you have a problem before a weekend, you know nothing will improve till the following week

Not to mention the high prices, I’m paying about $300 CI dollars a month for my wife’s and my cell phones and our home internet. That’s about $400 US dollars. I looked on the internet for most expensive countries to own a cell phone. Shute! We’re way higher than the highest on the list!

Right now, I’m using my phones mobile data to post this post. That’s expensive if I go over the limit. My wife and I share 3 gigs a month. I keep mine off, except for rare occasions..

I keep a record of when our internet is down, We havent had a failure like this since April, almost two whole months! It was only out about 4 days that time! There’s 30 days in a month, but do I ever get a discount for not getting what I pay for? Oh hell no!

Anyway, it’s Friday! So have a good weekend!

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