Interesting Coincidence

Last week I read an article about British Airways putting a brand new plane in storage in Arizona.

I looked up the Victorville Aircraft storage facility on Google Earth.

On the map, I saw a company called ComAv. Our contractor here is AVCOM. I clicked on their name on the map.

The image that opened for them had a Cayman Airways jet, very predominantly shown. I almost didn’t notice or pay any attention, because, living here, I see Cayman Airways jets and pictures of them all the time. But my slow, dim brain said “hey, wait a minute, but that’s not in Cayman!.”

For a while, during the Max 8 grounding, Cayman Air had one of our new Max 8s up there for storage. Somehow, the ComAv pic got taken when it was parked out front.

Pretty cool, huh?

Have a great week!

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