Interested In Moderately Going Garbage Free

Perhaps the title should be “Interested In Going Moderately Garbage Free” or “Moderately Interested in Moderately Going Moderately Garbage Free.”

What I mean is, I don’t plan on going all fanatical about it.

There was a program on the BBC radio about living garbage free, generatimg minimal garbage. I’ve heard about it before, and I’m interested.

I believe plastic pollution is a major problem here on this planet.

I like to find beaches with nobody else there, and when I do, they’re covered in plastic that has washed ashore. All plastic. Not much glass or tin cans, only plastic. In the Costa Rica Caribbean, there wasn’t so much garbage on the empty beaches. Basically none, in fact. There was some on the Pacific side, but very little. Cayman must be getting jetsam from islands upstream.

My wife has reusable paper towels, reusable ziplock bags. She has these lightweight fabric bags that are for produce in the grocery store. We could also use them at the deli part of the store for cheese and lunch meat. They could put the scaanner sticker on the fabric.

We buy this sliced cheese that comes in super heavy duty bags. I always feel guilty throwing them away when the cheese is gone. we also buy cheese sometimes that comes in fragile filmy cellophane. I’ll put the filmy cheese in the heavy duty cheesebag. The filmy cellpohane must be biodegradeable I think, because I never find it on the beach.

I think I could get into it, creating minimal garbage. Every Sunday, putting an almost-empty trash can out got the Monday morning garbage pickup.. Like a hobby.

Happy Friday! And itsa PAYDAY! Have a great weekend!

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