I’m So Glad

I’m so glad that it’s FRIDAY! This was my first full week this year. It was brutal. Now, we have a long weekend, because Monday is a Holiday! I figured that Feb 5th, the year is 10% finished, 365 days in  a year, 36.5 days is 10%, 31 days in January, plus 5 from February makes 10 %. If I could only work one full week every 10%, that’d be pretty good, wouldn’t it?


Nevermind, I’m talking foolishness, besides, I’m swamped at work,

Finally made it to the beach yesterday for a beach lunch hour. It was pretty cloudy but nice. Below is a picture I took of a ship going by. Click to enlarge.

Only the superstructure is visible over the horizon.

Only the superstructure is visible over the horizon.


7 thoughts on “I’m So Glad

  1. Can’t wait until it’s warm enough for us to get to the beach!!!! We actually had a SNOW day here in Houston! Ok, an ice day. But still, it was treacherous!

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