I’m Back!


Spotted Eagle Ray, Christmas Gift from The Wife

I’m headed back to work this morning after a nice break.

Today is a regular workday, tomorrow, half day I believe. Thursday, Holiday and Friday is FRIDAY!

Not much to report, Christmas was good. I can’t really  account for my time,  I went to the beach a couple of times, took a lot of naps. I didn’t accomplish anything, didn’t study, didn’t mow.

It was hard to wake up this morning, still dark, without the alarm, I’ve been sleeping till it got light.

Oh  yeah, I have a toothache, a bad one. Top right, next to the back. Made an emergency trip to the dentist yesterday, got x-rays, a visual inspection, and was told they don’t see anything wrong. What do I do now? Another dentist? It hurts all the way up  to my eye, nothing can touch it. Can’t sleep. Either wait for it to go away or go to another dentist..


That’s all for now, I’ll be catching up on my blog reading today! Have a good day!

5 thoughts on “I’m Back!

  1. You don’t get a toothache for nothing… I say go to another dentist for a second opinion. I dread getting toothache, I’ve not been to a dentist in about 20 years! I have a morbid fear of them.

  2. oh man..hope you get relief fast// i had the same thing once..killing me..I called my dentist…was on a sunday..he couldn’t find anything..he went hmmmmmm and started picking at the tooth..tada..he found popcorn hull buried between 2 of my teeth and was infected…I was so relieved I cried..when we tried to pay him he said the office manager knew all the prices and he didn’t and was just glad we got it fixed..wow..I think Jack found out that he was a scotch guy and bought him the most expensive bottle they had in Roswell, New Mexico.. he was thrilled..

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