Identical swim trunks

I go to work and wear swim trunks under my pants. Then at lunch I go swim, rinse off and dry off and put on a dry pair of identical swim trunks underneath. Then I go back to work and hang the wet ones up to dry. Then after work I stop and swim again on the way home, rinse off, put on a dry third pair of identical swim trunks and ride home. Then I hang them on my bike overnight to dry.
I always keep a pair at work, and in my scooter storage place, and I’m wearing a pair. I have more than three, I have about 10 pairs of identical swimtrunks
Nobody knows this.

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  1. And I buy lots of identical clothes. If I like a pair of jeans, I’ll buy two or three pairs, so one will always be clean. I buy the exact same New Balance Sneakers when one pair gets old.

  2. I do that too Mark. I buy identical shoes, identical swimsuits, jeans. If you like it why not have more. Ha many people know about your swimsuits now. Love the pics from Costa Rica, too. L

  3. Well…..they KNOW now!!…I might write a letter to the Cayman Daily Newspaper and tell them so they come and do an interview on why you feel compelled to wear the same sort of swimtrunks everyday and why you have 10 pairs!!! I would sign it anon concerned citizen of course.

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