Ice Cream Trucks of Hell

As you probably already know, here in Cayman, we are in a lockdown state to combat this covoid 19 thing going on. You may not know, is that I live about a half a mile north of Hell, Grand Cayman.

Last night, I was up on the roof sundeck kinda late, but not too late, 10 or 11 PM. It occured to me that it was very pleasant, very quiet, no cars racing up and down the streets, no packs of illegal motorcycle riders. And no ice cream trucks. (In case you don’t know, the ice cream trucks are horriffic here in Cayman, super loud music, they don’t come by till so late the ice cream eating kids are probably already in bed. Everyone speculates they must be selling drugs, but no one ever communicates with the ice cream truck. If you did, they’d come down your street every night forever and ever and ever and ever and you’d never sleep again.

I’ve never heard of anybody ever buying anything from these ice cream trucks, never seen them stopped with somene at the window. There are some daytime models, at the beaches, more or less permanently parked, no music that seem pretty typical, not comparing to these nighttime horrors

When I was a kid, you could hear the carnival music of the ice cream truck on our street, you had time to go beg Mom for some money, and maybe you could make it in time to get some ice cream. Here, the ice cream trucks are so loud they saturate the entire district and you can’t tell where they are. They play music that sounds like horror movie music or there’s one that plays Christmas music, all year.

It’s so nice having quiet at night, I hope we can keep some parts of this covid quarrantine. Like no more creepy loud ice cream trucks.

2 thoughts on “Ice Cream Trucks of Hell

    • These are internet pics of really bad ice cream trucks. Nobody here would approach a Cayman ice cream truck to photograph it for fear of attracting one and being plagued every evening.

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