I won a Bank!

Last week I went to Wendys Hamburgers. The cashier told me to put my name and number on my reciept and put it in the box for a contest. So I did. Yesterday, I got a call from someone at Wendys, she said I won a bank and could I come and claim my prize. I said “Cool, I’ll be there at lundhtime”
So I went at lunchtime, I wondered a little how a bank would fit in my car, but I figured that we’d just sign the ownership documentation over to me and I’d be taking home just a small stack of documents. I also reflected about my new life as a bank president. Lear jets, little sports cars…you know. Also I was wondering which bank, United Bank of Switzerland, Bank Of Butterfield, Fidelity, any one would be fine with me.
So I parked in the parking lot of Wendys and went inside, I asked for the lady who called and she came out and said congratulations! You won the bike! Take your pick, they’re both the same!
I looked and there were two cute little 24 inch mountain bikes.
I had won a bike, not a bank!
I gave it to a co-worker.
Guess I’ll have to wait a little longer for the Lear Jets and stuff.
I gotta go get ready for work…..

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  1. Your so lucky. And you are better off to have won the bike and not the bank, believe me! I dealt with bankers for 5 years with my last job. The bike is way better. Any chance some of that luck could rub off on me???

  2. too funny! at least you won “something” right? many people never win anything! hahahahaha —- loved the story — too bad you have to wait on the jets and stuff! I hear they’re not all they’re cracked up to be anyway! 🙂

  3. Christa I was kind of thinking maybe it was a little piggy bank when I went over there, at least it would have fitted in my car!Carnealian, Ok you have a deal, sign over a successful bank, and I’ll give you a ride in my jeet and car, if I ever get one.Daisy, Hmmm, how can we make it rub off on you…? Krista Thanks for stopping by! Yeah, I’m pretty funny.. Too bad not ha ha funny though…Wanting More, Long time! Yeah better than nothing!Beck, lottery ticket? They don’t have them here, I doubt I’m THAT lucky!

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