I Should Be Getting In Trouble

I should be getting in trouble at work. I’ve been taking too much time off, unplanned, for my home addition consstruction project.

I should be, but I haven’t. Today I’m going to tell my boss that I know I’ve been putting him in a difficult position, and offer to make it up, whether it’s working Saturdays or taking vacation days.

The original project manager for this home addition project was very experienced and could tell me what materials we’d need days in advance. The new guy, this is his first time in charge, and a few times, (twice) he’s needed items RIGHT NOW. I have no complaints, he’s doing his best, giving 100%. The whole team is busting ass trying to get the job done before vacations start mid-December, and I’m very appreciative of that.

Hopefully, the project will be done in about two weeks.

It’s been beautiful weather, but my scooter is hemmed in by building materials, and I’ve been driving the van to carry more construction materials. (The deal is, I supply the materials, the labor is a fixed price).

Have a great day!

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