I Saved $279

I really needed to replace my Kindle Paperwhite with an Oasis. But instead I just got a new case for my Paperwhite.

The new case did the same thing in my head that a new reader would have, but was only 15 bucks.

i might like the old case better, in which case, I can rename this post “I Wasted $15!”

It’s payday here. ’bout time!

Have a great day!!!

3 thoughts on “I Saved $279

  1. You made the right choice! ~
    Given the huge price difference between the two — the Kindle Oasis is almost twice as much as the Paperwhite — the Paperwhite is my pick for the overall winner. I’m also concerned that the Oasis not having been updated in three years means that it’s either going to have a new generation out soon — which would mean that Oasis buyers in 2022 will likely kick themselves for not holding out until it came out — or that the model is being discontinued, which may make it harder to maintain.

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