I Have No Idea…

…what I’m going to post about today.

Yesterday felt like a Monday, a  bad Monday. Not for any particular reason, it just was crappy and long.

This afternoon we have a visitor from off the island coming, she’ll be staying with us.

I haven’t been in the sea for so long, I can’t remember the last time. It was sometime last week, I think, or the week before. Today I will change that if I can.

Last night, my phone wasn’t quite plugged into the charger, now I’m starting the day with half a battery. Don’t care. Now I can reject calls and say “Oh! my battery died!”.


Oops, my battery’s dying, gotta go! (just kidding, this isn’t my phone!)

5 thoughts on “I Have No Idea…

  1. I can’t use that excuse! I have a portable cell phone battery. I charge it and can use it anywhere if me phone’s battery gets low.
    If I’m on the phone to someone I really want to cut off, I say “Oh heck, there’s someone knocking on the door, I must go!”, if I’m out I might say something like “Yikes, gotta go, just saw someone I must talk to about Brylee, or Griffin, or the dogs!”
    I’m not very nice, sometimes I just ‘accidentally’ hang up!

  2. Or you can do like me and turn off the volume while the baby’s napping (the visitor is napping!) and forget to turn it back on again!

  3. Now you know what to do when you don’t want to answer calls. Just “accidentally” half plug in your phone charger. Works every time.

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