I Got It :-( The COLD.

victim2There’s been a cold going around for a long time. The Wife had it, I didn’t get it. People at work had it, I didn’t get it. Just when it seemed the coast was clear, I got it..

I ordered a new camera, it should arrive today. It’s a video camera as big as a pack of cigarettes, with a waterproof case good to 60 meters. I always wanted a GoPro camera, but this is better. Same specs, better battery and it has a display so you can see what you’re recording (or playback what you recorded.) It is a “veho VCC-005 MUVI HD NPNG Action Camcorder“. And it costs a lot less. And it has a remote control. I wonder if the remote control is waterproof too? UPS Gets it here in one day, amazing!


Anyway I went to work yesterday and took off early, I’m going today and I’m not taking off.

9 thoughts on “I Got It :-( The COLD.

  1. I take it you like cameras and such. Isn’t it just like a cold to come around to you when everyone else got rid of it and the coast looked clear. Hope it goes away quick for you. Take garlic : ) Enjoy the camera.

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