Hurricane wait

10:30 PM (Saturday night)
I’m at work, the hurricane has begun. I got here, first thing I found was that the hurricane comittee radio wasn’t working. I fixed it (replaced burnt power supply) and now I’m hiding out in my office number two. I’m just going to keep adding to this all night post if anything happens worth mentioning.
4:07 AM (Sunday Morning)
Took a nap on the Radio Cayman sofa, woke up with the zackleys, so I had to brush my teeth. Do you know what the zackleys are?
The hurricane has passed its closest point. It is raining, but not too hard and the wind is blowing but nowhere near hurricane force.
I have rescued two frogs from inside our building and put them outside. Also, eariler, I was cleaning up outside my apartment and I found a mouse in my outside storage box. We stared and each other for probably almost a minute before he ran off. I would bet he is back in there now. I have noticed my dogs peculiar interest in that box for a couple weeks.
7:01 AM Well, it’s light outside. We really didn’t have any wind at all. It blew for maybe a couple of minutes. I am surprised and kind of puzzled. There wasn’t much rain either. I expected a lot more wind and rain.
8:52AM I’m going back home, Huricane’s over. Time for a hot shower and a big time nap.

0 thoughts on “Hurricane wait

  1. May you be safe, well comforted and entertained!The awesome incentive of the internet is that everyone is enabled to publish and update news about events concerning them personally; it always floors me when marveling about the first hand experience. How cool is that?! Thanks to blogs, audblogs, and all other instant internet related communications!I pray you’ll remain unscathed by the hurricanes.

  2. Are the zackleys soemthing to do with the huirricane, or horrid morning taste?And you put those poor little frogs outside?! Oh yeah, I bet they were real chuffed!Stay safe, Mark, and keep posting so we all know!

  3. Glad to hear you made it through okay. Our dog is actually afraid of mice, and most everything else too. He is a whimp. Alright, you’re killing me – what are zackleys?

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