Hurricane time again!

Well, it’s dark and I’m going to work. The sunset was very red this evening, there is a lot of clouds and the wind is starting to pick up.
It looks like the hurricane won’t hit us too bad but we’ll definitely get some tropical storm force winds.
I went swimming this evening and the water was nice and calm. My dog, Ditto, went swimming too then had a double shampoo shower, toenails trimmed, and is coming to work with me. Another girl is bringing her dog too. My dog is well trained (militantly, I’m afraid) and was at the station for the last hurricane with no complaints (to my face) and many compliments on being so well behaved. I’m afraid that dogs will no longer be welcome after this with her dog there, a little hyper, poop and pee all over the place, teeny tiny curly haired fuzzdog. But who am I to complain? Nobody, that’s who!
I am aware of a feeling that this is NOT the last hurricane of this season!!
Anyway I’m taking my laptop and all my electronics (camera, mp3 player, external hard drive with tons of moovies, chargers, etc) and some clothes and a cooler and my rebreather of course. I am NOT taking my tent and camp stove and stuff like that! Hoping for the best.

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  1. We’re thinking about you. Let us know that you are safe when you are able to post. I have a feeling that your feeling about this NOT being the last hurricane of this season for you may be right. Actually in my neighborhood the more well behaved dogs are the larger dogs, not the smaller dogs. I have a feeling that it is because of the owners though. The people that own the little black poodle never tell it to stop barking and it barks non-stop constantly. Sooooo annoying! Good luck!

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