Hurricane Michael.

Good luck to you in Michaels Path. Dang storm looks like it’s even gonna whack the UK. And it maintains strength pretty well while it travels over land.

This is typical for the end of hurricane season. Loosely speaking, in the beginning of the season, the storms start near Africa, and head mostly north or north-westish, Then the storms start forming further and further west, moving more parallel to the equator. Then, near the end, they’re forming around here, with a week or so of rain, storm gets organized, and moves away, to get named and develop more. Hurricane Michael is a strong one though.

Stay safe!

6 thoughts on “Hurricane Michael.

    • I don’t remember, but I do remember about 10 years ago, a hurricane in the Pacific Ocean jumped Central America and was headed straight for us in the Caribbean, a month before hurricane season even started! Fizzled out at the last minute.

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