Hurricane day

Today I went to work but it was pretty slow so I just walked out of there without saying anything and took some pictures.

(click to enlarge all pics)

This is waves coming up to the road on the South Side of the island. South Sound.

These are waves crashing at the Burger King. I took this on the way home from work in the evening. I had to go move my car while I was taking pictures because a big set came and they were actually hitting my car!

Heres some biggish waves at the cruise ship dock on the south, near Spotts Public Beach. this is usually pretty high out of the water. The ships anchor out and the tenders bring the people ashore when it is too rough in George Town.

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  1. WOW! Maybe you’d better pack up the dog, grab a plane and hunker down with G-man and I for a few days. Get the heck out of Dodge Mark. Are you going to stay at the radio station this time as well? We’ll be thinking about you. Stay safe!

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