How do I know if I'm crazy?

Am I crazy? I could have stayed off work for two more days. But I came back because I wanted to get some things done before I go on vacation Friday. I feel like when I go into work today, people will ask why I’m there, and when I tell them, will call me crazy.
I want to try to get a satellite dish put together and pointed at the satellite. It’s almost together and I think I can get it done. And guess what? I have to do it today, because tomorrow I go back to the other island where I just was for work! That’s right, I could have just stayed!
Nutso, OI know!

0 thoughts on “How do I know if I'm crazy?

  1. Yes, you are crazy, but no more crazier than most.You do have a great work ethic though. The 2 aren’t mutually exclusive!Enjoy your vacation!

  2. Not like 40 cats and 20 years worth of newspaper in your house crazy. More like buying candy the day after Halloween crazy. Just a little off. But no need to be locked up.

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