Hot Coffee, A Thing Of The Past?

I was watching TV, and I saw someone with a cup of steaming hot coffee and I thought “That looks good! How come my coffee never looks like that?”

It occurred to me that these newfangled coffeemakers don’t get the coffee really hot. My morning coffee is lukewarm at best, I only pour half cups, because it gets cold, and I always have to add more coffee to heat it back up. And if you set the cup down, when you pick it back up, the coffee is cold.

mrcBack in the old days, there were these percolators, that made the coffee hot, like what is proper. New coffeemakers don’t get it really hot. I suppose the water must boil, to get up the tube to fall into the grounds, but just barely.perkThe above kind of percolators got the coffee hot, and it didn’t quit perking till all the coffee was all the same temperature, good and hot. With the new coffeemakers, the water gets hot for a second, then it’s not so hot anymore…. I think the old ones are better maybe..

What do you think? Wonder if you can still buy a real percolator anymore?

3 thoughts on “Hot Coffee, A Thing Of The Past?

  1. Go to a thrift shop..they have them..I drink tea, and have one of those percolators for heats it up pretty fecking hot.. and then I forget and by the time I drink it it’s warm..sigh*
    fecking cowboys

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