Hoping For A Waterful Weekend

Waterful, and wonderful.

Fire truck at the airport squirting water into the air for no apparent reason. I thought it was raining!

You can’t really tell unless you look closely, but this “house” is leaning over and the whole thing is gonna fall into the sea. In Cayman, if you build a seawall, first you lose your beach, and then you lose your seawall too.

I got another award! I’ve averaged about 1.54 likes per year since I started blogging!

Glad it’s FRIDAY!!!

Have a great weekend!

6 thoughts on “Hoping For A Waterful Weekend

  1. Shame about that house about to fall into the water! It looks so pretty there. My lemon loaf is not sweet at all… I used Stevia, but a lot of lemon and lemon rind too… it’s delicious! Sorry you can’t have any, you are just a bit too far away.

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