Hopefully Uneventful

I have nothing to post about today. It’s just a plain, hopefully uneventful day. I’m showered and dressed, animals fed, and I’m drinking coffee till work time. The Wife is gone to the gym, and all is quiet.
Let’s keep it that way, all day.

3 thoughts on “Hopefully Uneventful

  1. Dog Food: About 2 pounds of minced beef, 4 beef kidneys, a large tin of tomatoes … no additives or preservatives added, 1-2 pounds of mixed frozen vegetables, and 6 large potatoes chopped up. Cook . Freeze in small pots.

    I am going to mix it around soon and use minced pork too… I change the mixed vegetable mix too… sometimes it’s got carrots/peas/corn, sometimes broccoli, corn, capsicums, carrots … just whatever mix I grab out of the freezer.

    I hope you have a nice, uneventful day …. I like days like that.

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