Homegrown Estate Round 2

The Screenhouse

I’m getting the screenhouse ready for growing again. I cut the legs off the standing grow boxes and now they are grow boxes on the ground. (The bottoms started falling out quite some time ago).

Below is a link to a YouTube video, the “embed” feature doesn’t seem to work anymore. It seems that YouTube is trying to emulate TikTok.


I know cherry tomatoes and cucumbers grow well, I’m going to try some red and green peppers. I have 3 more similar growboxes that I can use for other things, such as lettuce, lettuce grows pretty good too. It’s a different type of lettuce than the kind that makes a big round head, Caribbean lettuce grows like a small bush and you can trim or pick leaves daily for your sandwich. Or salad.

It’s my Friday off but the work Christmas luncheon is today and I will attend that briefly.

I hope you have a wonderful day and a fantastic weekend!

4 thoughts on “Homegrown Estate Round 2

  1. Ah, yes, growing season. I’m looking forward to that starting here again, but right now everything is slowing down. You are getting a great start! 🙂 Food you grow yourself always tastes better.

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