Home Invasion Dream

I dreamed the wife and I were having a nice afternoon on the back porch. She showed me her softball glove that she just found after it being lost for years. I was teasing her because it was so tiny. Suddenly, she said “Oh crap, those guys are downstairs again”.

There were three men in the downstairs (outside) section of our house (Our house is on stilts). They were dumping liquids and seemed to be doing some chemical experiment.

I grabbed my baseball bat and went downstairs. I walked down there, right up to the first guy, cocked the baseball bat and was getting ready to hit him in the head, when I realized it was an old man, amd apparently, he couldn’t see me. He was wearing a old looking grey WWII Nazi-looking uniform.

Then I saw the second guy, and he had a gun. I ducked back behind a pole, and I knew that he didn’t know that I saw him. He was wearing a black uniform. I knew I made a mistakee, not whacking the first guy while I could. “Showing mercy was my only mistake” I remember that from the dream.

Somewhere along this time, I woke up,

I thought a long time about writing it down, but I wanted to stay in bed and try to sleep.

My wife is getting another tattoo today, a cat. I wish she wouldn’t. I like her just the way she is.

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