Home and SCAMMED

I got home yesterday, I had an email from Yahoo saying my password had been changed. I didn’t change it. I can no longer access my yahoo account. I tried to retrieve the password but am told that my personal information is incorrect.
Yahoo is my oldest account, I was planning on keeping it forever. It has all my pictures and my addresses in it.
Any sugestions?

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  1. Wow, no! That really stinks. How did they manage that? Don’t you have to be able to answer some questions to change your password if you don’t know it? Evil people, probably using it for spam.

  2. Sheesh, that sucks! What you should do is to empty your cache (internet history)and delete all of your cookies. Then you should do a cold boot (turn your computer completely off for at least 1 minute). Then reboot and try to access your Yahoo account with your old password. That happened to me once with Hotmail and it was a matter of a nasty little cookie in my temp directory. Malware.

  3. I am feeling your pain. When I had to reformate my harddrive I lost all my information. I have been working to restore it. daisey gives good advice. Good luck! I hope you had a great vacation can’t wait to hear all about it.

  4. OMG! What is going on??? I’m sure there is no way to contact Yahoo! Are you sure you didn’t have too much fun on your vacation and you just forgot???Where did you go on your vaca??? I always wonder where people who live on the islands go for vacation.

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