Home Again, Back To Work

Wednesday the 15th, got home yesterday early afternoon, I kind of didn’t do much after that, just rested.
I had a surprisingly good visit with my mom. She didn’t drive me crazy. A little bit crazy but not too crazy. It was a great trip.
Today is back to work. Normally I take a day off after I return from a holiday. But due to poor planning, that didn’t happen this time.
Funny story at work. They issued us for polo shirts with the work logo on them. Now a week later, maybe 2 weeks, we’re giving them back because they want to bill us for them. The employee handbook says some get uniforms, but our department isn’t on the list. They’ve given us shirts before without billing us for them. And the understanding was that we got 4 shirts per year, and we hadn’t got shirts since one year when I started working there. But I looked in the employee handbook and apparently we are not entitled to shirts at all. So everybody’s giving back their used shirts.
It’s raining here, I’m glad to take the van instead of the scooter today for some reason. Also, I need to duck out from work to go get my new drivers license!
Didn’t post nearly as much as I thought I would in Maryland, I only posted once, the whole time I was gone. Now I’m back on schedule.
Have a great day!

Heron on my mom’s golf course.

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