Here We Are

We’re all here because we’re not all there. I am glad it’s Wednesday. I thought this week would have been a lot tougher.

Myabe I don’t have hernia. I hope not. It doesn’t hurt when I sneeze. I remember the first time, sneezing was a very bad thing to do. It still feels like a knife is stuck in my gut, but maybe it will get better.

I took my scooter in for it’s 1000 KM maintenance. It was covered under warranty, except labor.Of course, they tried to charge me for the labor and I had to whip out the paperwork on their asses.When I got there the bill was $75.04. Guess how much cash came out of my pocket at the end? Four Cents. It was $66 labor, which was removed, then $9.04 in parts (quart of oil) which I used $9 in “points” and paid four pennies out of my pocket. I came out pretty good I think.

Then last night we went and saw part 1 of “The Hobbit” It was good. The Wife was worried about having nightmares from the Pale Orc, but I thought he was a pretty sharp lookin’ fella. Now the Orc with the beard of fat was gross. Can’t wait to see more of the dragon…

Have a successful hump day!

3 thoughts on “Here We Are

  1. I can’t wait for the next Christmas time to se the second part!)) Have you checked out the Impossible yet? That is truely scarry,I didn’t have nightmares but had horrible stomack pains as well as all the others who watched it with me – it keeps you that stressed!!!

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