Here We Are, 26th

Christmas went better than expected. Got it out of the way.

Really got nothing planned for the rest of the year.

I haven’t taken a single photo since I don’t know when. Let me check.

This is the last picture I took, December 20th

This is the excess electrical materials the electrician bought. The box is all full of light switches and plug-in things. I was able to return it all for over $400. Thank you Cox Lumber! In contrast, the plumber had very little excess material left over. I have very few leftover cement blocks, the electrician was very wasteful, and didn’t submit the paperwork for the added breaker panel that’s holding the whole project back. Not impressed with the electrician. But hey, I fuckup often too, so I’m letting it slide.

Today, I don’t really have plans. The wife is getting a new office at work and wants me to go help her move her computer.

That’s about it. I have aleftover bag of cement, and I’m thinking about expanding my motorcycle ramp in the carpark. Maybe, maybe not. probably not today.

Have a great day!

One thought on “Here We Are, 26th

  1. Usually, when I do projects like this myself I don’t buy enough materials at first and I’m constantly making trips back to the hardware store. Sometimes several times a day.

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