Here We Are

Here we are, Thursday. Yesterday was great! Took off half day, went diving, smoked two cigars. My first two cigars since I dunno when. March 10th I think was the last time I smoked. It was good, the diving and the cigars, and the half day. Diving pics/videos to follow

Also last night we had a cookout with a bunch of friends and my sister and Bro in law. I like him more and more.

I’m taking another half day off today. Stingray City this afternoon. Hope it’s not windy.

Stingray CityTomorrow will be Photo Friday! Or videos.

6 thoughts on “Here We Are

  1. Ok,,, Never done it, so don’t know… what do you get out of cigars? You don’t inhale, so… seems like a waste of money. Enlighten me.

  2. As I read your post I thought, no, it’s not Thursday, it’s Wednesday. I looked at my phone and sure enough, it’s Thursday. I seem to have lost a day. Let me know if you find it.

  3. Ah, diving and cigars. And, a half day off. What more could you want. Isn’t nice to get along with in-laws? Makes life a bit easier : )

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